FreeState Marina

– the freethinker’s harbor –

In a bay with direct access to Blake Sea, a pearl of Second Life can be found – FreeState Marina, a cosy harbor village that reminds of those in the land of windmills and dykes. A unique place to anchor your yacht after a long cruise, to relax, explore and live.

Excellent small rentals are offered, on the coast, cliff and docks. All one-of-a-kind and created with love. Close to the bay center are welcoming places, special shops and ateliers. 

FreeState Marina, the lovely marina where all sizes, colors, types, cultures, sexes and beliefs have been welcome for over 6 years now.

You are invited to come visit, experience the atmosphere, and of course, to meet the locals..!

HP (Juequinaisheley Ichibara)

FreeState Marina Events